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25 September 2019A Brief History of Wine
16 October 2019A Hungarian Metropolis: Art and Culture in Budapest
27 November 2019Temples, Tombs and Treasures: In Search of the Queen of Sheba
11 December 2019The Inventors of Christmas
22 January 2020Romancing the Rails: British Railways Posters on Track with the World.

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A Brief History of Wine David Wright Wednesday 25 September 2019

Wine has been part of our global society for over 7,000 years and the story tells of its origin and appearance in all societies across the Mediterranean and through Europe. There is rich evidence of the role wine has played in these societies. From the kwevris of Georgia in 5,000 B.C, the symposia in ancient Greece, the thermopolia of Pompeii, the hospices of Europe, to the dining tables of fine society, wine has been ever present. Drawings, paintings, decorative drinking vessels, buildings and wine labels all contribute to the story.

David has been a wine retailer, importer and distributor for 30 years. In that time, he has presented tastings and talks on wine to trade and private audiences. He has now developed a talk on the subject of wine full of rich evidence, going back 7,000 years, in the form of paintings, decorated drinking vessels, buildings and literature that contribute to the story.